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The EUhackathon projects are assessed every year by a jury composed of a mix of engineers, civil society representatives and policy-makers.

JannekeJanneke Slöetjes

Janneke Slöetjes is director of public policy for Netflix Europe. Prior to joining Netflix she worked as a policy advisor for digital rights NGO Bits of Freedom where she focused on data protection, net neutrality and copyright issues



Christian Horchert (aka fukami) is an activist of the German hacker organisation Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and has been working as an IT security consultant and expert. He is currently working in Brussels on civil society advocacy on matters such as data protection, freedom of information and code, exploit and crypto regulations.

YasenGyurovEUhackathonYasen Gyurov

Yasen Gyurov is Parliamentary Assistant to Bulgarian MEP Eva Paunova. He is responsible for the work in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) with focus on the Digital Agenda.


Michael_DavidsonMichael Davidson

Michael Davidson is an engineer on Google’s Transparency Report, which reports on Internet censorship and surveillance.  Michael also participated in 2011’s EUhackathon – Hack4Transparency, assisting those working in the Global Transparency Track.  Before joining Google, Michael earned an MCS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and was a systems development consultant focusing on financial services firms.

NikitaLutsenkoNikita Lutsenko

Nikita Lutsenko is a Software Engineer at Facebook, where he is currently focused on building a mobile backend platform –

Before joining Facebook, Nikita was leading his own product company, focused on productivity software.

Andrea Beccalli

Andrea joined ICANN in 2013. As a member of the Stakeholder Engagement Team, Andrea’s responsibilities include working on ICANN‘s engagement with the European governments, Internet communities, the EU bodies, as well as the European-based IGOs.