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Luca ChiarandiniItaly, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Luca Chiarandini

Luca ChiarandiniLuca Chiarandini is a PhD Student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Research Intern at Yahoo! Research Barcelona. His main research interests are in the field of social media, data mining, machine learning and human-computer interaction. He is carrying out research on Human-centered Exploration and Discovery of Content in Large Information Spaces.

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Eduardo GraellsChile, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Eduardo Graells

Eduardo Nicolas Graells GarridoI’m a PhD student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and intern at Yahoo Labs Barcelona / Santiago. My research topic is information visualization, and I work developing new user interfaces to encourage access to diverse political and geographical points of view in social networks.

Richard JongNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Richard Jong

Team Frontwise - Richard Jong

Richard is a digital innovator at Frontwise, creating mobile applications, innovative websites and smart interfaces. At Frontwise Richard focuses on clients and keeping the overview.

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Werner HelmichNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Werner Helmich

Team Frontwise - Werner HelmichDesigner & Developer, Frontwise co-founder. As a partner at Frontwise, Werner creates digital innovations: smart interfaces, mobile applications and tailor made software.

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Dennis de BeursNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Dennis de Beurs

Team Frontwise - Dennis de BeursDesigner and musician. As a partner at Frontwise, Dennis creates digital innovations: smart interfaces, mobile applications and tailor made software.

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Simon EpskampNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Frontwise

Simon Epskamp

Simon EpskampAs a partner at Frontwise Simon creates digital innovations: smart interfaces, mobile applications and tailor made software.

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Anselm BradfordGermany, Team applicants, Team Commission Today, USA

Anselm Bradford

Anselm Bradford

I am a consultant working with Code for America on the Ohana API, an open source database of community social services. I’ve also recently worked with Trailhead Labs on creating a platform for administering hiking trail data and with on user research for their recent site relaunch. Prior to this year I was a 2013 fellow with Code for America and a faculty member in digital media at AUT University in New Zealand. I won second place in the 2013 EUHackathon.

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Diego SaezChile, Spain, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Diego Saez

Team Bodoques - Diego SaezDiego Sáez-Trumper is a last year Phd Student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates . During his PhD he interned at Univeristy of Cambridge (2012) and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2011). His main research interests are in the field of Online Social Networks, focusing in the processs difussion of information considering the importance of socio-economic and cultural factors.
Last year, he was part of team Bodoques, winning the EUhackaton 2012.

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Bartosz GrabskiPoland, Team applicants, Team Codejoy

Bartosz Grabski

Team Codejoy - Bartosz Grabski I’m a 4th year IT student at AGH, Kraków, Poland. Aside from education I also have professional experience as a Java Developer for almost 1,5 year now.

I also actively participate in various academic initiatives like scientific clubs. During those initiatives I managed to develop quite a few applications thus extending my knowledge beyond the limits of mere studying.

Mateusz AntkiewiczPoland, Team Codejoy

Mateusz Antkiewicz

Team Codejoy - Mateusz AntkiewiczFourth year IT student at AGH University of Science and Technology.

Former Sabre intern. Java developer at SII.

Member of BIT Scientific Group and member of IdeaFactory section within the BIT Scientific Group.

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Alexandru PalcuieRomania, Team applicants, Team Commission Today

Alexandru Palcuie

UnknownI’m a full-stack software engineer at Hootsuite, one of the most used social media platforms on the internet. I arrived here, by working at uberVU, a startup focused on social media analytics that was acquired this year by Hootsuite. We allow companies to track keywords on social media networks like Twitter or Facebook, and get relevant statistics like the sentiment of posts, their language or even what key influencers are talking about that terms. I’ve been involved in the open-source community by being in ROSEdu, an NGO that promotes these values. This year I’ve organized ROSEdu Summer of Code, a copy of Google SoC, but with Romanian open source mentors and projects involved.

I’m also a student at University of Bucharest and this year I’ve been selected to be part in the jury of Infoeducatie, a high-school contest where students build apps.

Marco MontanariItaly, Team applicants, Team Monithon

Marco Montanari

Team Monithon - Marco MontanariI am a software engineer and python/javascript web developer as well as a mobile developer (Android, Windows Phone 8). My experience is in both small scale applications for specific needs and in large-scale regional level web applications for the public administration in Italy. I am involved in many associations and teams promoting participation, transparency, and open data. Since April I am member of the city council of the town where I live, where I am now advocating for transparency as a communication basis.

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Paola Liliana ButtiglioneItaly, Team applicants, Team Monithon

Paola Liliana Buttiglione

Team Monithon - Paola ButtiglioneI studied Archaeology and Ancient History. I actually work in OpenPompei project and from June 2013 I’m involved in Monithon project.

I have no experience with any app, but I have collaborated in the construction of web-based tools to facilitate citizen monitoring.

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Francesca De ChiaraItaly, Team applicants, Team Monithon

Francesca De Chiara

Team Monithon - Francesca De ChiaraFrancesca is a social researcher. She joined the Digital Commons Lab in march 2014. Before working in FBK’s Centre for Information Technology, she was living in Heidelberg, Germany. She’s the co­-founder of the Trento City Node of the Open Data Institute. She holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research and has research experience in the field of development studies, open data and open government.

She is an active member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Network, editor of the OKFN Italian official blog, author of academic articles  published  in international journals  such  as  “Information technology  for  development”,  and lately referee  for the  European Journal  of  Political Research. Recently she served as country reviewer for the Open Data Barometer, a research report by Web Foundation and the Open Data Institute released at the end of 2013.

Since February 2013 she actively collaborates with the Open/Big Data group in Trento RISE  – Trentino Open Data project.

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Chiara CiociolaItaly, Team applicants, Team Monithon

Chiara Ciociola

Team Monithon - Chiara CiociolaI’m the community manager for OpenCoesione School, a project aimed at engaging high school students, through practice-based learning that results in a data journalism and storytelling project on OpenCoesione projects’ impact.

OpenCoesione is the first national portal on cohesion policy with transparent information on each funded project: regular bimonthly updates have nurtured open data on almost 800k projects so far, which can be freely re-used (CC 3.0 BY-SA license) and explored interactively on the portal using maps, filters and detailed forms on projects and recipients.

Thanks to the OpenData published on OpenCoesione, I’ve taken part to the Monithon initiative: a group of developers, activists and journalists (and me too) put online website using the Ushahidi platform. Moni-thon (literally “monitoring marathon”), promotes citizen monitoring of cohesion policy (EU Structural Funds) through active involvement of communities and a shared methodology.

I’m also contributor of Neural magazine, critical digital arts & culture since 1993 (

Previous experience: Content Management for and, media educator for (anti-mafia web-radio for children).

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Giulio Di ChiaraItaly, Team applicants, Team Monithon

Giulio Di Chiara

Team Monithon - Giulio Di ChiaraFounding member of @MobilitaPalermo, a web portal of information on mobility and infrastructure of Palermo. Work at @muovity, a sustainable mobility project that proposes a social network carpooling. Small business owner. I am dedicated to improving the PA in the ways that we are permitted.

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Maxime MularzFrance, Team applicants, Team Citizen Y

Maxime Mularz

Team Citizen Y - Maxime MularzI have a degree in web development and a degree in sciences from the University of Picardie, France. I’m a part-time web developer at 4Planet, a French company working on Google Cloud Platform (Google App Engine) and Google Technologies like GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Android or ChromeCast.

Émilie Villedieu de TorcyFrance, Team applicants, Team Citizen Y

Émilie Villedieu de Torcy

Team Citizen Y - Emilie VilledieuYoung graduate specializing in interactive design, I like to analyze and propose interactive system to improve the usage of users.

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Fannette CohenFrance, Team applicants, Team Citizen Y

Fannette Cohen

Team Citizen Y - Fannette CohenMy first career was in the world of art history and town planning. For the last five years, my career has been in graphic design.. I have worked on diverse projects, from website creation to software interface design, costumer portal… I currently work at Sylpheo.

Louchart MasonFrance, Team applicants, Team Citizen Y

Louchart Mason

Team Citizen Y - Mason LouchartI obtained recently an IT Master degree Cloud Computing and currently I’m working for 4Planet with Google technologies. I have good knowledge of Java and JavaScript programming languages. I’m interested by the Internet of Things and the Smart Cities and Smart Farming concepts.

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Vincent DemortierFrance, Team applicants, Team Citizen Y

Vincent Demortier

Team Citizen Y - Vincent DemortierWeb entrepreneur, leading many projects in the domain of the Internet of Things hosted in a regional Living Lab that I co-founded.

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Giulia MantovaniItaly, Team applicants, Team Vocediretta

Giulia Mantovani

Team Vocediretta - Giulia MantovaniGiulia is a 29 years-old former startupper and digital professional. She graduated in Law from Bocconi University, Milan in 2009. After that, she worked as a trainee lawyer specializing in technology law for almost 2 years.

Giulia is now a consultant on cross-functional projects at Banzai Media one of the biggest digital publishers in Italy. She also co-founded, an online fashion marketplace bringing together the best Italian multi-brand boutiques. The startup received a seed funding in 2012 from international investors and secured a media partnership with Hearst Magazines Italia.

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Raffaele MauroItaly, Team applicants, Team Vocediretta

Raffaele Mauro

Team Vocediretta - Raffaele MauroRaffaele Mauro is a venture capital professional with a passion for technology, Internet policy and geopolitics.  Now working as Innovation Manager at Intesa – Corporate and Investment Banking division, he is focused on high-tech companies and investments. He is also Junior Fellow at the Aspen Institute, board member at Plain Ink and member of the executive committee at the Global Shapers Hub – Milano, a World Economic Forum community.

Raffaele spent the last years at Harvard University and worked as Venture Strategy advisor at P101 Ventures.

Raffaele writes for Aspenia, the policy review of the Aspen Institute – Italy, and LIMES, the major Italian journal of geopolitics. He is co-founder of the social think tank “Lo Spazio della Politica” and became part of the “Young European Leaders – 40 under 40” cohort of 2011.

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Pietro BonaccorsoItaly, Team applicants, Team Vocediretta
Enrico BoccadifuocoItaly, Team applicants, Team Vocediretta

Enrico Boccadifuoco

Team Vocediretta - Enrico BoccadifuocoWeb developer at Mosaicoon.

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Jean-Christophe BoulangerFrance, Team applicants, Team Contexte

Jean-Christophe Boulanger

Team Contexte - JC BoulangerContexte is an online newspaper on French and EU policies.

Jean-Christophe Boulanger is President of Contexte, as team leader. He has been the manager of for 5 years, until 2013, when he founded Contexte.

Jean-Sébastien LefebvreFrance, Team applicants, Team Contexte

Jean-Sébastien Lefebvre

Team Contexte - JS LefebvreJean-Sébastien is a journalist specialized in EU affairs. He has been covering Brussels for French media for more than 6 years, for,, and now Contexte.

Damien CirotteauFrance, Team applicants, Team Contexte

Damien Cirotteau

Team Contexte - DCirotteauDamien is an experienced CTO with a deep grasp of public policies. He has been CTO of Rue89, a leading French online media, for 7 years, before becoming CTO of Contexte in June 2014. Past web apps:  –

Philippe GervaiseFrance, Team applicants, Team Contexte

Philippe Gervaise

UnknownPhilippe is a designer and front-end developper. He has worked for numerous media ventures, including MonFigaro, Figaro Madame, Rue89.

Gero NagelGermany, Team applicants, Team Liquid

Gero Nagel

Team Liquid - Gero NagelI am a culture scientist, philosopher and geek. I have been a board member for the Pirate Party in Berlin taking care about their Liquid Democracy-implementation “LiquidFeedback” as a working system and for developing it further.

I once studied computer science and know how to use code.

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Christopher ClayAustria, Team applicants, Team Liquid

Christopher Clay

Team Liquid - Christopher Clay– MSc Information Design (FH Joanneum, Graz)

– Years of experience building web UI, e.g. as a startup founder (

– Founded, open-source journalism software focusing on the innovative presentation of news

– Working in political communications (Europa Anders, Julia Reda)

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Peter GrassbergerAustria, Team applicants, Team Liquid

Peter Grassberger

Team Liquid - Peter GrassbergerI’m a 24 year old software development student and part-time web developer with about 3 years of working experience in web dev. I’m interested in technology and (net-)politics and how it shapes our way of thinking. I work as a Web Developer and am an active member of the Pirate Party of Austria.

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Mathias SchindlerGermany, Team applicants, Team Liquid

Mathias Schindler

Team Liquid - Mathias SchindlerMathias Schindler is assistant to MEP Julia Reda and was formerly a Project Manager at Wikimedia Germany. An expert on copyright and open access he is a prolific writer for Wikipedia as well as for Schindler is one of the founding members of Wikimedia Germany, the major European chapter of the foundation which governs Wikipedia, the greatest encyclopedia in the world.

Ron van der SterrenNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Videodock

Ron van der Sterren

Team Videodock - Ronnie van der SterrenStory teller in all available forms, experienced in playing with complex online possibilities of storytelling. Experienced in editorial coaching and managing of content driven- as well as e-tech projects and events.

With over 15 years of experience in developing and producing journalistic media concepts, as curator, storyteller and producer, I transform traditional media usage into innovative, personal and online (video) experiences.

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Bauke FreiburgNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Videodock

Bauke Freiburg

Team Videodock - Bauke FreiburgBauke Freiburg is co-founder and managing director of Video Dock, a company dedicated to online video solutions for media, cultural, and scientific organisations. Bauke has over 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in new media and online video. Before founding Video Dock, he worked as chief technology officer (CTO) at, a multi-award-winning online concert video community. Awards include Prix Europe 2005 for best European website, Webby award 2006 for best music website of the world and the SpinAward 2003 for best Dutch internet concept. Here he was responsible for managing the R&D department. His expertise lies in interactive strategy, online video concepts, technical infrastructure and web development. Bauke holds a bachelor degree in Media and Culture with a specialization in New Media and a master degree in Information Science (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam.

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Sefrijn LangenNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Videodock

Sefrijn Langen

Team Videodock - Philip Sefrijn LangenI am designing interactive multidisciplinary objects and experiences by applying user centered design to new media. I’m trained as an Industrial Designer with an interest in interaction between technology and people. At Videodock we focus on applications with video, creating experiences by enriching videos with relevant content or engaging interactions.

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Christiaan ScheermeijerNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Videodock

Christiaan Scheermeijer

Team Videodock - Christiaan ScheermeijerFront-end web developer.

Nick van GinkelNetherlands, Team applicants, Team Videodock

Nick van Ginkel

Team Videodock - Nicky van GinkelOver 10 years of experience in developing and engineering of cutting edge online (video) concepts. Before founding Videodock, he was chief engineer at, responsible for the functional design and technical implementation of the Webby Award winning Fabchannel site and back-end.

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Kalin MaldzhanskiBulgaria, Team applicants, Team transpoli

Kalin Maldzhanski

UnknownSoftware developer since childhood.

Experience in Mobile applications, web-services and back-end.

Open-source and linked-data enthusiast.

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Cristian VasquezChile, Team applicants, Team transpoli

Cristian Vasquez

UnknownLinked Data specialist,  Java developer, Phd Student on semantics.

Daniel FreundGermany, Team applicants, Team Commission Today

Daniel Freund

Daniel FreundDaniel Freund joined the Transparency International EU Office in July 2014, after having worked in and around the European Institutions for five years. Most recently Daniel was the political advisor to the President of the European Parliament’s ethics committee (MEP Gerald Häfner). Prior to this Daniel has worked at the EU delegation to Hong Kong, the French Ecole Nationale d’Administration, the German Foreign Ministry and the Public Sector Consultancy Deloitte. Daniel holds degrees in public affairs and political sciences from Sciences Po Paris, the George Washington University (DC) and Leipzig University.´

Since joining TI, Daniel has developed and launched EU Integrity Watch.

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Chloé MoitiéFrance, Team applicants, Team Contexte

Chloé Moitié

Team Contexte - Chloe MoitieFormer Burson Marsteller consultant, Chloé is the Managing Director of Contexte and a member of Transparency International.