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Team Citizen Y (5) – France

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The Project

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The Team

Team Citizen Y - Vincent Demortier2Vincent Demortier

Web entrepreneur, leading many projects in the domain of the Internet of Things hosted in a regional Living Lab that I co-founded.

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Team Citizen Y - Maxime MularzMaxime Mularz

I have a degree in web development and a degree in sciences from the University of Picardie, France. I’m a part-time web developer at 4Planet, a French company working on Google Cloud Platform (Google App Engine) and Google Technologies like GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Android or ChromeCast.

Team Citizen Y - Fannette CohenFannette Cohen

My first career was in the world of art history and town planning. For the last five years, my career has been in graphic design.. I have worked on diverse projects, from website creation to software interface design, costumer portal… I currently work at Sylpheo.

Team Citizen Y - Emilie VilledieuÉmilie Villedieu de Torcy

Young graduate specializing in interactive design, I like to analyze and propose interactive system to improve the usage of users.

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Team Citizen Y - Mason LouchartLouchart Mason

I obtained recently an IT Master degree Cloud Computing and currently I’m working for 4Planet with Google technologies. I have good knowledge of Java and JavaScript programming languages. I’m interested by the Internet of Things and the Smart Cities and Smart Farming concepts.

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