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Team Monithon (5) – Italy – Citizen Monitoring of Publicly Funded Projects

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The Project

Monithon, which comes from “monitor” and “marathon”, promotes citizen monitoring of the projects funded by the Cohesion (aka. Regional) Policy in Italy. The project enables the reuse of the open government data released by the Italian Department for Development and Economic Cohesion on the open data portal OpenCoesione. Launched in 2012, OpenCoesione contains detailed data on the progress of investments and implementation of EU-funded projects in Italy. On this web portal anyone can find out what is funded, on which funds, who is involved and where.

OpenCoesione and Monithon have been listed as the 4th best open government initiative in the world at the Open Government Partnership Awards in 2014.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Methodology: the Monithon flow

  • Choose a project on OpenCoesione [], (e.g. based on a crucial issue for the development of your city or on a theme of your interest);
  • Create a group of active citizens interested in the project;
  • Collect information about the project (data, documents, contracts);
  • Go on the field! Visit the project’s site collecting other informations and photos, videos, interviews on the ground;
  • Upload a “citizen monitoring report” with all the information on;
  • Share Share Share, involve local media, ask more to the local government and collaborate with responsible authorities at the EU, national and regional level;


Toolkit: download it on the website

Website it allows the upload of crowdsourced, georeferenced information about the projects by grouping them on an interactive map.

Mobile App (demo version): it allows to upload pictures and videos in real-time, by gathering the Exif data as well as other infos about the location of the photo.

Follow up: planning to extend the Monithon methodology around Europe.

Used Sources or Codes

Web: SublimeText, HTML5, Bootstrap, Django, PostgreSQL, jQuery, LeafletJS;

Mobile: Android Studio, butterknife, android-query, image-chooser-library, eventbus;


Monithon – web:

Monithon – mobile:

The Team

Team Monithon - Giulio Di Chiara
Giulio Di Chiara

Founding member of @MobilitaPalermo, a web portal of information on mobility and infrastructure of Palermo. Work at @muovity, a sustainable mobility project that proposes a social network carpooling. Small business owner. I am dedicated to improving the PA in the ways that we are permitted.

More info at:

Team Monithon - Paola Buttiglione

Paola Liliana Buttiglione

I studied Archaeology and Ancient History. I actually work in OpenPompei project and from June 2013 I’m involved in Monithon project.

I have no experience with any app, but I have collaborated in the construction of web-based tools to facilitate citizen monitoring.

More info at:

Team Monithon - Francesca De Chiara

Francesca De Chiara

Francesca is a social researcher. She joined the Digital Commons Lab in march 2014. Before working in FBK’s Centre for Information Technology, she was living in Heidelberg, Germany. She’s the co­-founder of the Trento City Node of the Open Data Institute. She holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research and has research experience in the field of development studies, open data and open government.

She is an active member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Network, editor of the OKFN Italian official blog, author of academic articles  published  in international journals  such  as  “Information technology  for  development”,  and lately referee  for the  European Journal  of  Political Research. Recently she served as country reviewer for the Open Data Barometer, a research report by Web Foundation and the Open Data Institute released at the end of 2013.

Since February 2013 she actively collaborates with the Open/Big Data group in Trento RISE  – Trentino Open Data project.

More info at:

Team Monithon - Marco Montanari

Marco Montanari

I am a software engineer and python/javascript web developer as well as a mobile developer (Android, Windows Phone 8). My experience is in both small scale applications for specific needs and in large-scale regional level web applications for the public administration in Italy. I am involved in many associations and teams promoting participation, transparency, and open data. Since April I am member of the city council of the town where I live, where I am now advocating for transparency as a communication basis.

More info at:

Team Monithon - Chiara Ciociola

Chiara Ciociola

I’m the community manager for OpenCoesione School, a project aimed at engaging high school students, through practice-based learning that results in a data journalism and storytelling project on OpenCoesione projects’ impact.

OpenCoesione is the first national portal on cohesion policy with transparent information on each funded project: regular bimonthly updates have nurtured open data on almost 800k projects so far, which can be freely re-used (CC 3.0 BY-SA license) and explored interactively on the portal using maps, filters and detailed forms on projects and recipients.

Thanks to the OpenData published on OpenCoesione, I’ve taken part to the Monithon initiative: a group of developers, activists and journalists (and me too) put online website using the Ushahidi platform. Moni-thon (literally “monitoring marathon”), promotes citizen monitoring of cohesion policy (EU Structural Funds) through active involvement of communities and a shared methodology.

I’m also contributor of Neural magazine, critical digital arts & culture since 1993 (

Previous experience: Content Management for and, media educator for (anti-mafia web-radio for children).

More info at:

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