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Team Videodock (5) – The Netherlands – 1st Prize Winner – Online Video Experiences

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The Project: EU Plenary Video Experience

Team Videodock created an online video experience for the plenary meetings of the European Parliament.

An important part of the application is making videos play across different browsers and operating systems. EU Plenary videos currently only work on Internet Explorer (Windows), which is used by a minority. We made the videos HTML5 compatible.

The first major goal is to increase transparency. The app offers context by presenting video content and speaker information for what is relevant now. Viewers can find video content on the same topic or other appearances of the same speaker. The speaker information displays statistics and background info on a member of the EP.

The second goal is to increase participation. The app tries to stimulate conversation and create more meaning with timed comments. By allowing viewers to add comments on the timeline, other viewers can see which moments provoke reactions. This triggers discussions and also marks interesting moments.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Used Sources or Codes

Open Data used:

Parltrack API

EU Plenary Videos & JSON

Tools and software:


AWS Cloudsearch








Unified Streaming Server


and a whole lot json…


The Team

Team Videodock - Nicky van Ginkel

Nick van Ginkel

Over 10 years of experience in developing and engineering of cutting edge online (video) concepts. Before founding Videodock, he was chief engineer at, responsible for the functional design and technical implementation of the Webby Award winning Fabchannel site and back-end.

More info at:

Team Videodock - Philip Sefrijn Langen

Sefrijn Langen

I am designing interactive multidisciplinary objects and experiences by applying user centered design to new media. I’m trained as an Industrial Designer with an interest in interaction between technology and people. At Videodock we focus on applications with video, creating experiences by enriching videos with relevant content or engaging interactions. More info at:

Team Videodock - Ronnie van der Sterren

Ron van der Sterren

Story teller in all available forms, experienced in playing with complex online possibilities of storytelling. Experienced in editorial coaching and managing of content driven- as well as e-tech projects and events.

With over 15 years of experience in developing and producing journalistic media concepts, as curator, storyteller and producer, I transform traditional media usage into innovative, personal and online (video) experiences.

More info at:

Team Videodock - Bauke Freiburg

Bauke Freiburg

Bauke Freiburg is co-founder and managing director of Video Dock, a company dedicated to online video solutions for media, cultural, and scientific organisations. Bauke has over 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in new media and online video. Before founding Video Dock, he worked as chief technology officer (CTO) at, a multi-award-winning online concert video community. Awards include Prix Europe 2005 for best European website, Webby award 2006 for best music website of the world and the SpinAward 2003 for best Dutch internet concept. Here he was responsible for managing the R&D department. His expertise lies in interactive strategy, online video concepts, technical infrastructure and web development. Bauke holds a bachelor degree in Media and Culture with a specialization in New Media and a master degree in Information Science (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam. More info at:

Team Videodock - Christiaan Scheermeijer

Christiaan Scheermeijer

Front-end web developer.

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